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Taking the hassle out of number swaps


Entry Transfer is a marketplace for legal race entry transfers

We know it's a headache for you as a race organiser to receive emails from runners asking if they can transfer their number to a clubmate or even worse to realise that runners have done so without asking you, meaning they are breaking UK Athletics/ARC rules and that you don't have correct details for results or emergency contacts. That's why we have set up Entry Transfer - we take all the work out of your hands and you can even specify an admin fee per transfer.

How does it work?

  • Sign up - this ensures we have your details on record to communicate with you. You can do this as soon as you like.
  • Register your race. There are just a few fields to complete.
  • When your race is sold out, copy and paste the HTML code to provide a link to us after the entries on your website have sold out. This is a necessary step so that runners know to come to the site.
  • After you have put up the link, come back to the site to tick the box to indicate that entries have sold out.
  • Download the spreadsheet containing all the details of the transfer. Each line on the spreadsheet includes the race number in question, plus the details for the new runner: name, address, email address, telephone number, emergency contact, date of birth, club, home countries affiliation number. Before doing so, you can rearrange the fields so that the columns match up in the right order with any existing spreadsheet that you have.

How late can entries be transferred?
We recommend a week beforehand if runners transferring have to re-post the numbers. Otherwise, you could take later transfers.

When and how do I get the admin fees?
One week via Paypal after the race. This is just to ensure that all the number transfers actually took place.

Coming soon - online entry system
If you do not already have an online entry system, note that we soon hope to offer such a service for your race. Simply direct would-be runners to this site and we will take care of everything and then provide you with a spreadsheet containing all the necessary information at the end. Please email to let us know you are interested.

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