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Taking the hassle out of number swaps


Entry Transfer is a marketplace for legal race entry transfers

It's a common scenario: the race sells out months beforehand and by the time the big day arrives a fair chunk of the original entrants are no longer able to run. Perhaps you know of someone who can't take part and are considering running with their number. However, unless you do so with the agreement of the organiser who will officially register you, you are breaking the rules of UK Athletics and the Association of GB Running Clubs; it also causes problems when it comes to emergency contact details, not to mention results and prizes.

Often organisers have systems in place to allow for transfers, but sometimes these involve a lot of hassle and possibly you queuing out of the door on race day.

Entry Transfer makes it easy for runners to transfer numbers legally. The organiser simply registers the race and then puts a link on their website when the entries are sold out. Anyone then looking for a late entry will then end up here. If you have an entry you can no longer use, you could recoup some of your losses.

Here's how easy it is to sell your number on Entry Transfer.

  • Sign up - give us your complete details when you are ready in orer to facilitate any transfers.
  • Find the race on the fixture page.
  • Tell us the bib number you have been given. If you have a special number designed to allow entry to a particular start zone for only a certain standard of runner, you will need to let us know that too. You can add any comments to would-be buyers.
  • We will let you know if someone wants your number. If you have the number (as opposed to runners having to pick them up on the day), you will need to post it on to the buyer straight away.

How much does it cost and how much can I get?
It is up to you how much you want to ask for your entry. The purchasers will have to pay a small admin fee to us, plus any amount the organiser has requested.

What is the website's admin fee?
This website charges a small admin fee (click here for more details).

How late can entries be transferred?
It is up the organiser (see the fixture page), who must allow enough time for any necessary postage.

When and how are monies paid out?
One week via Paypal after the race. This is just to ensure that all the number transfers actually took place.

Get started.